Pacific RailNews
January 1964 Edition

Magazine Summary

This is a large issue with several overviews and stories about the beginning of this 1964 year.

An overview of the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad Company - a 38 mile railway started in 1903.

Muni has finally put into service on the Hyde line its second new cable car 514.

In early January a rock slide hit a Western Pacific freight train, several cars were derailed and the main line was blocked for several days.

The first production models of the new General Electric U50 5,000 hp diesel locomotives have been delivered and numbered 31, 32, and 33.

The Interstate commerce Commission Finance Docket No. 22060 concerning the Feather River Railway co. Abandonment, Acquisition, and Operation, in Butte County has taken effect.

The McCloud River Railroad company has lost its log hauling job by a switch to trucks and a cutback in mill production.

A Reno, Nevada fireman could not put out a diesel locomotive fast enough so the stubborn blaze was battled for more than an hour before it was extinguished.