Pacific Rail News
January 1966 Issue #53

Magazine Summary

An overview of Crown Z’s Three Foot Tramway.

Oro Dam Constructors Railroad received three new G.E. U25-C diesels on December 28th to replace the units wrecked last October.

A new study indicates that every Muni line loses money!

Many of the older diesel locomotives on the Espee are now being cut up for scrap.

A pair of 19 year old Riverside, California youths were taken into custody following the shooting out of a Union Pacific relay switch.

Porland, Oregon’s Peninsula Terminal company has acquired a second diesel locomotive with the purchase of former Sioux City Terminal Railway #3.

California’s State Park System may soon include a restored narrow gauge tourist railway if the plan currently proposed by Woods Mattingley for the Forest of Nisene Marks STate Part at Aptos is successful.