Pacific RailNews
September 1966

Magazine Summary

June 26, 1965, steam locomotive #36 chugged into the mill prepared to haul the first passenger train of the White Mountain Scenic Railroad.

Oregon gets another new railroad in operation, a narrow gauge 30 inch. The railroad is for the construction of a 1 ½ mile tunnel under Mock’s Crest.

Car #130 of the San Francisco Municipal Railway makes its last regularly scheduled revenue run on the J line.

Chief Engineer G.J. Lyon says that the massive Palmdale Cutoff project is moving ahead smoothly and on schedule as planned.

The first Watermelon eat-in in a rapid transit car on the West Coast. Plus groundbreaking ceremonies to start construction of the combined Grove-Shafter Freeway - Bay Area Rapid Transit project.

The Pickering Lumber Corporation (now Fibreboard Paper Company) sells E.M.D locomotive #103.

Both of the two remaining steam locomotives at the Southwestern Portland Cement Co. rail operation at Victorville, CA ex Mojave Northern Railroad, have been donated to rail clubs.

The National Safety Council awards the Western Pacific Railroad a Certificate of Commendation for noteworthy passenger safety records in this past year.