Pacific RailNews
October 1971

Magazine Summary

This month’s feature story is on the Labor Day Steam Spectacular.

Amtrak announces that it has purchased 1,200 of the “best available” passenger cars with which it will equip its fleet.

The three bids from the Muni for 78 subway surface cars were all rejected, so it’s back to the drawing board for the transit engineer.

All 300 miles of BART’s rail is now in place.

For the 4th consecutive year, Southern Pacific and Cotton Belt have both received E.H. Harriman Memorial Medals for outstanding employee safety records.

A quarter century of General Electric diesel power has ended for Sacramento Northern with the sale of 44-tonners #144, 145, and 146.

The Flying Scotsman is in the west!

FP45 #594- and U28CG #7902 have been repainted from the red and silver passenger livery to the blue and yellow freight paint scheme.