Pacific RailNews
December 1971

Magazine Summary

Check out the feature on The Baldwins on Vancouver Island this month.

The Flying Scotsman is on exhibition at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Muni acquires 78 subway-surface streetcars from the BART.

The Sierra Railroad’s RAlph station at 2900 ft. the summit of the steep climb east of Sonora, Ca. and once again an important junction with Pickering’s logging line, provided an October excursion’s surprise.

The Broughton Lumber Co. of Willard Washington, has sold its 2-truck Heisler #2 to Mr. Jack Rogers of National, Washington.

Kaiser’s #3704 at the Radum, California plant has been sold to the Mayco Salvage Company of South San Francisco, California.

The ICC has joined with other critics to complain about Amtrak Service.