Pacific RailNews
June 1971

Magazine Summary

A new season of steam railroading is underway and it is a growing field to be in.

In spite of protests, Southern Pacific became a part of Amtrak and passenger services came to an end on several routes.

California’s Scenic Railways, Inc. has acquired from the State Railroad Authorities of Colorado and New Mexico a contract to operate the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad.

Immediate extensions of the BART system into any are not part of the district is being prohibited by a California bill.

California’s Sierra Railroad has once again put 2-8-9 #28 to work after a minor derailment in October.

Southwestern Portland Cement’s third and final General Electric 70-tonner, #406, has been sold.

Relive the days of the West Side Lumber narrow gauge railroad during the Central Coast Chapter N.R.H.S rides the rails of the West Side and Cherry Valley Railroad behind double-headed steam power out of Tuolumne, California.