Pacific RailNews
August 1971

Magazine Summary

An overview of the Molino Timper Co. The Lilliput Ridge-Runner.

The National Metal and Steel Corporation has abandoned its original scrapyard on Terminal Island at the boundary between Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors.

The Wasatch Mountain Railway (“Heber Creeper”), began operations in July.

The Muni expects to pay $35 million for their new 78 cars which will be 76 feet long, air-conditioned, capable of both platform and street loading, and reaching 40 miles per hour in 15 seconds.

The target date of January 1, 1972 for the BART will have to be set back as much as three months.

Southern Pacific will now have the road’s initials on the front of its main-line locomotive fleet.

Progress is being made on the revival of most of the remaining portion of the Pickering Lumber Corporation’s abandoned logging railroad.

Construction of a superstructure, the Latah Creek bridge in Spokane, Washington has a contract.