Pacific Rail News
September 1971

Magazine Summary

The feature store is on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad this month.

The Muni wants BART to buy it ten more streetcars of the type presently used so that full service can be maintained when the cars are detoured off Market Street between Duboce and Castro Streets.

The bill requiring the BART to serve its entire three-county region before extending has been killed.

Upgrades are taking place on the Southern Pacific at the Houston, Texas shops.

24 Persons injured on July 25th when the Seattle Monorail train failed to stop at the end of the line and rammed into the terminal.

Union Pacific GP30’s 729 and 721B, SD40’s 3026 and 3081 prepare to leave Oroville, California and follow a crew change on the freight.

A bill has been introduced before congress that would authorize the Federal Government to sell the Alaska Railroad.

California’s Orange Empire Trolley Museum at Perris has added 2 new major items to its collection.