Pacific Rail News
December 1974 Edition

Magazine Summary

#8444 seen on an Amtrak train - used in conjunction with the normal complement of diesel power, but still able to earn her bread and butter.

Boeing’s first light rail car has been refused by Muni and boston for the many changes made to it during construction.

Evaluation of a two-car Garrett corporation gas turbine electric passenger train being tested at the Department of Transportations’ test track in Colorado.

The Western Pacific’s “Harriman” coach number 315 is headed to Richmond, California to join the museum.

“Only the Drumhead Was Missing” - a story about a ride on Southern Pacific Business car 99.

A “Cinderella Story” about Train 98.

General motors’ Electro-Motive Division has announced an additional diesel locomotive model, the first of which will come off of their LaGrange, Illinois production line next year,

Several locomotives are to begin working their way West across the Burlington Northern for their destination on government-owned Alaska Railroad.