Pacific Rail News Magazine
November 1975 Edition

Magazine Summary

The second time ever Pacific Rail News uses a picture of a train wreck as the cover of their magazine.

A feature on the 52,25 square mile Rail Transit Test Track loop in Colorado.

The first track renewal contract for the L Line on the SF Municipal Railway was awarded on September 10th.

A new craze for red, white, and blue painted BiCentennials has sprouted up across the United States.

The Union Pacific has reactivated its three remaining General Electric U50’s.

Burlington Northern’s third Bicentennial unit emerged from the Dale Street shop in late August.

Yet another red, white and blue locomotive for the Southern Pacific line.

Electro-motive Division of General Motors has announced a new locomotive model aimed to replace the older FP7’s and FP9’s, as well as the F-units.

BART starts evening operations.