Pacific Rail Magazine
December 1975 Issue

Magazine Summary

An overview of the Rocky Mountains Pass and the many rail lines that have laid down on it.

Only 13 locomotives remain in storage on the Burlington Northern, and all are switchers.

Yakima, Washington have problems recruiting and training competent motormen to run streetcars.

Becker Industries at Soda Springs, Idaho is now operating an eighty-ton General electric unit that was built for the United States Army.

Operating throughout the WEst and winning countless admiring fans, ex-Southern Pacific 4-8-44449 and the American Freedom Train are drawing record-breaking crowds.

Amtrak and the Auto-Train Corporation have reached an agreement calling for the exploration of a joint service on the Amtrak routes in the United States.

Even though there is a bankruptcy petition on record, the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific is still in operation.

Burlington Northern has abandoned the remaining segment of the North Bend Branch.

A new industrial locomotive has been acquired from Birmingham Rail.

Track reconstruction of the Zoo Loop of the L streetcar line on the SF Municipal Railway is under way.