Pacific Rail News Magazine
June 1976 Issue

Magazine Summary

In July we will see the result of a 5 year effort by the members of the Sumpter valley Railroad Restoration to relay a part of the former 3 foot gauge in northeastern Oregon.

National Metals at Terminal Island, CA, has purchased Alco-built S4 number 1517 and disposed of 2 General Electric 70-tonners.

Santa Fe’s new yard in Barstow, CA gets on average as many as 75 trains, the capacity of the yard is about 2700 railroad cars each day.

The railroad bridge over the Fraser River at New Westminster, British Columbia has reopened.

Burlington Northern has decided to re-number all of the remaining 97000 series, former passenger F-units into the 700 series.

After a 38 day strike, the San Francisco Municipal Railway has returned to operation.

The Western Pacific’s second red, white, and blue BiCentennial locomotive was released from Stockton, California.

The 8000 class modification program at the Union Pacific that was initially scheduled for 65 Electro-Motive SD40-2’s has been reduced to 35 units.

East St. Louis Junction Railroad General Electric 70-tonner number 71 has been sold to locomotive dealer Birmingham Rail.