Pacific Rail News Magazine
August 1976 Edition

Magazine Summary

Sumpter, Oregon returned to a respectable shadow of its former self this past 4th of July weekend.

The BiCentennial year has seen Congress pass the 4-R Act to create ConRail, and the Sumpter Valley Railroad has become and operating entity.

The Union Pacific Railroad saw the arrival of the first recently purchased power units.

The ten General Electric units scheduled for delivery on the Burlington Northern will com not as U30C’s but instead as C30-7’s - the first units the use GE’s new model designation.

In July, the Western Pacific Railroad will be getting the For Train back from the Southern Pacific.

Five new General Electric E25B electric locomotives were shipped from the builders to the Texas Utilities Generating company to be used for coal-hauling.

The largest gathering of railroad BiCentennial-painted equipment in the US over the 4th of July took place on the tracks of the San Francisco Belt Railroad along the bayside waterfront.