Pacific Rail News Magazine
January 1977 Issue

Magazine Summary:
The Puget Sound Railway Historical Association’s 8th annual Santa Train overview.

The Milwaukee Road is back before the Interstate Commerce Commission asking again to include the Burlington Northern System.

The Santa Fe’s plans for a capital expenditure program is $305 million this year.

The Reno Fun Train has started its annual run between Oakland, CA and Reno-Sparks, NV.

Amtracking East - a full look.

Three more Santa Fe F-unit cabs have been retired. This leaves only six F7A’s in active service.

With speed restrictions placed on all EMD six-axle “Dash-Two” locomotives, the Southern Pacific is accepting Union Pacific U30C units in the locomotive pools it operates with the UP.

Amtrak is feeling the brunt of the severe eastern weather and has had to take drastic measures to keep from becoming completely “snowed under.”

A report released regarding the Muni’s maintenance did not have great things to say.

A BART and METRO comparison piece.