Pacific Rail News Magazine
March 1977 Issue

Magazine Summary:
Excessive rail wear on the Union Pacific railway.

UMTA released the top-ranking 106 urbanized areas of over 200,000 population.

Santa Fe is building a 60 acre, $2.5 million piggyback facility along the joint Santa Fe/Colorado and Southern/Denver and Rio Grande Western main line.

Amtrak has named its new Seattle, Washington-to-Salt Lake City, Utah streamliner!

The Union Pacific is working to conserve energy; they have saved over 30 million gallons of diesel fuel in 1976.

Butte Anaconda and Pacific have sold their two general electric 125-ton electric locomotives to the Canadian National Railway.

The 1977 motive power acquisition program began right on schedule with 10 Electro-motive SD 40-2 units delivered late Feb and 25 more by mid-March.

The southern Pacific relocates the main line in the cascades after winter rain storms have made it difficult to get through.

The income for United States railroads during 1976 is up over $100 million from last year.

A coal development project has been announced that involves the lease of 300 million tons of coal.