Pacific Rail News Magazine
January 1980 Issue

Magazine Summary:
Pikes Peak Railway number 1 was traded for sister number 4.

1979 harvest season closes with the biggest single grain-hauling week of the year.

DOT testing wind-generated power.

Canadian Nationals’ 677-mile Prince Rupert line may be in for an increase in traffic!

The 1981 Capital Expenditures Program calls for adding 100 locomotives at a cost of $155.1 million.

Amtrak ridership indicates a systemwide gain of 7% over October of 1978.

Simpson’s Arcata and Mad River Rail Road began operating again December 10, coinciding with the reopening of the Northwestern Pacific.

Major collision in the Market Street Subway occurred Monday evening, November 12, resulting in heavy damage to two of the Muni’s brand new Light Rail Vehicles.

Burlington Northern to allocate $170.5 million for track improvements.