Pacific Rail News Magazine
March 1980 Issue

Magazine Summary:
May 30, 1980 is the target date for the opening of the Carson City railroad museum complex.

BART has announced they are entering into a design agreement for the development of a new transit car for their system.

An overview of the efficient logging systems at Weyerhaeuser Company.

The Santa Fe is to receive 16 General Electric B36C’s, a new model for the railroad.

A 10th anniversary of the merger of Northern Pacific, Great Northern, Chicago Burlington, Quincy, and the Spokane Portland and Seattle railroads. Thus becoming Burlington Northern.

The west portal of the Moffat Tunnel is pursuing a schedule change to operate daily during the winter ski season.

As a result of several accidents, the workload at Pike Avenue shops has increased to the point that they are no longer progressing on the slug conversion program.

The Southern Pacific restored operations Feb 29th over the Klamath River at milepost 391.