Pacific Rail News Magazine
March 1982 Issue

Magazine Summary:
Read the March Feature story all about Western Steam.

An overview of the Alaska rail service that goes to Whittier 3 times a day!

The Colorado-to-Pueblo train in Denver has been split up into two sections.

The Union Pacific has several locomotives in storage and pending retirement due to the economic toll on the rail line.

The Muni continues to operate PCC cars and will continue to do so until mid-June.

The economic downturn in 1981 and the beginnings of 1982 have continued to affect several railways causing job loss and locomotive storage/retirement.

The California State Railroad Museum set to commemorate the opening of the museum one year ago in May.

CP Rail plans to begin its work on the $500 million tunnel project in British Columbia.

Discover why Renton, Washington calls itself the jet airliner capital of the world.