Pacific Rail News Magazine
December 1984 Issue

Magazine Summary
Caboose-less Trains; why they are an issue and the implementation of a caboose agreement.

Anschutz Corporation offered to purchase the 9.9 million outstanding shares of Rio Grande Industries for $496.4 million.

Feature Story: Light Rail in the West - the San Francisco Muni

Feature Story: Tacoma Short Lines Combined

Feature Story: Cajon Pass - Rail Photographer’s Mecca

CalTrans has ordered new power for Peninsula commute trains.

Discount fares are being offered on Amtrak during the fall and winter months.

August 16,1984 the new Powder River coal line opened up!

The British Columbia Railway was recently reorganized and shares in this Crown Corporation are currently available.

A propane tanker-truck collided with camper and the resulting explosion blew 12 cars of a Canadian Pacific freight off the track.

The takeover of the Western Pacific by the Union Pacific has drastically changed the operating look of the WP.

Coal traffic is one of the hottest commodities on the Burlington Northern.

This year’s Summer Historic Trolley Festival has again received a good reception by the public as well as the news media.