Pacific Rail News Magazine
October 1985 Issue

Magazine Summary
Two Burlington Northern trains collided head-on on the old Fort Worth and Denver main line northwest of Denver, Colorado.

SP banned Caltrans F40s from leading trains due to continue problems with air-brake equipment.

The major steam event of the decade to be held in Vancouver May 23 through June 1 and the interest is growing!

Feature Story: A Slice of the Santa Fe

Feature Story: The Phelps Dodge New Cornelia Fleet - Stalking Locomotives at Ajo

Feature Story: Tracing Sacramento Northern’s Ghost

With the hoped-for Merger Day fast approaching, the Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corp. is maintaining a significant news blackout on items of interest to the rail enthusiast community.

The summer season has seen western Amtrak trains running very full. Threats of funding cuts have prodded some to make reservations to be sure they can make that long-haul rail vacation trip this year.