Pacific Rail News Magazine
February 1985 Issue

Magazine Summary
The Los Angeles bullet train has been scrapped.

Just 1 year after the merger of the holding companies, Santa Fe-Southern Pacific Corp. reaffirmed its intention to remain in the forest products and oil and gas businesses.

From the ashes of Kaiser Steel Corporation’s Fontana works has come California Steel Industries.

The planned reopening of the GM plant at Fremont, CA has brought about an interesting dispute…

Feature Story: Eureka Southern Inaugurates Willits-Eureka Freight Operation

Feature Story: The Ventura County Railway - Mazdas & Movies

The McKeen Car Lives!

October 16, 1985 Burlington Northern inaugurated some new freight symbols.

44 Units on the MoPac have been repainted in yellow.

Rio Grande Industries, the recent holding company of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, has been acquired by The Acquisition Corp.

Short Story: The Santa Fe Depots - The Western Lines

Technology dominates the news as highly visible changes begin to take place in Southern Pacific operations.

Amtrak has started daily service on Auto Train - a system unique to Amtrak.

Should the Western Pacific eliminate the use of cabooses?

Weather has forced a half on the double-track project of the eastern slope of Rogers Pass.

Rail laying has begun for the new Euclid extension of the San Diego Trolley.