Pacific Rail News Magazine
June 1985 Issue

Magazine Summary
The fire-damaged remains of the Southern Pacific Alhambra Depot has been demolished and removed.

The Anschutz Corp. has purchased, and now operates, two cars on the Rio Grande.

One of GE’s dash 8 models has run over 1 million miles in service!

The National Park Service is okay with restoring the passenger service to the Grand Canyon.

Feature Story: First Trip to Fisherman’s Wharf

Q&A: Cabooseless Trains

Feature Story: Foothill Cement Hauler - Southern Pacific’s Kentucky House Branch

Feature Story: Animal Power to Birneys - Santa Barbara’s Street Railway

New numbers will emerge from the Southern Pacific merger which will incorporate four or five digits.

Burlington Northern’s experiment with high visibility paint prompted by a $9 million-;lu jury award in Colorado arising from a grade crossing accident.